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The Highly Sensitive Person Survival Toolkit


This free toolkit gives you the essentials to live well as a Highly Sensitive Person. 

Stress Relief: Guided Visualization Audio Download 

Increase Your Peace: 5 Easy Tips to Thrive as an HSP Download 

Stop Being an Emotional Sponge: Intuitive Warrior Growth Sheet

Life-hacks every HSP NEEDS to know 

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The support HSPs have at their fingertips


Brooke Nielsen has over a decade of clinical experience specializing in Highly Sensitive People (HSPs).  

She's a Licensed Marriage Family Therapist in private practice in Boulder, Colorado and the founder of the Intuitive Warrior Programs and Community.  

Brooke built the Intuitive Warrior Community after noticing a dire need for community and support for finely-tuned people. An Intuitive Warrior herself, she wanted to focus on the strengths of having a highly sensitive nervous system and offer tools to thrive.  


"The Intuitive Warrior program was a game changer for me. Learning about the highly sensitive nervous system completely changed the way I see myself. Brooke is a natural leader, teacher, and coach. Her warmth and expertise are infused in every part of The Intuitive Warrior program. You won’t regret signing up!" - Kelly R.

Brooke’s gentle nature and caring approach made it easy to open up to her and really look at what wasn’t working in my life. She made sure that I felt safe sharing things and never made me feel judged. She helped me look at different patterns in my life in a new light... which opened the door for me to make changes and heal from past emotional traumas. I really appreciate the time that I worked with Brooke, and her support helped me make positive changes in my life.